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Jaleco / 2000-03-01

Survival Horror

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The humans have long indulged themselves in "consumption" and they overlooked the fact that the ecosystem of the earth was made mostly of bacteria, viruses, and plants. Humans have also overlooked the fact that they were the minority. Plants are vital for existence as they provide oxygen for the atmoshpere. Even if the humans should become extinct, it will not endanger the ecosystem. However, it does imperil the humans if the plants, bacteria and viruses become extinct. Carrier's theme is to call attention to the humans, the "arrogant apes" who believe they reign supreme over all life on the planet. They are in fact at the mercy of the ecosystem.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Unlimited T-7 Bombs
In most of the magazines there are boxes with t-7 bombs in them go up to the box and get the bomb. Open it again and you will get another bomb. They are unlimited but you can only carry 20 t-7 bombs. This trick will work in almost every box that holds the t-7 bombs.





Carrier s0

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