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Daytona USA

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Daytona USA

Sega / 2001-03-12

Sports / Sports - Racing

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Sega's long-awaited racer, with its myriad of options and tracks, features a solid single-player mode, but the checkered flag experience comes with it's online play.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Mirrored tracks:
Hold Start and choose a circuit at the selection screen.

Quick start:
Hold the RPM gauge in the yellow during the countdown. Hold the brake when the countdown reaches "2". Immediately release the brakes and accelerate when "1" disappears and "Go" appears.

Javelin net-battle car:
Accumulate 100 hours of game play.

Pywackett Barchetta:
Complete the 3-7 Speedway in single race mode in any place with the Hornet, Grasshopper, Lightning, and Falcon.

Super Pywackett Barcheta:
Select the Pywackett Barcheta and select any track. Plain tracks such as 3-7 Speedway or Circuit Pixie work the best. Change the number of laps to two. Turn around at the start of the race and drive the wrong direction for the entire race.

Red Cat:
Win any online race.

Rule Of 9th:
Break the track record in eight mirrored reversed tracks in single race mode.

Finish in first place in points on the King of Daytona championship stage.

Sunset race:
Select any race and options. Hold Gas + Brake at the ''Start Your Engines'' screen until it fades away.

Hint: Easy money:
Win a race and save the game to the VMU. Copy the file to another VMU, then sell from one and keep the other.





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