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Dino Crisis

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Dino Crisis

Capcom / 2000-11-14

Survival Horror

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Your most primal fears grab you on this new journey into survival horror from the creators of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. Suspicious and terrifying... the world's most renowned scientist has disappeared and you've been recruited to investigate on a mysterious, remote island. Suddenly, out of the mist appears a predator, which has haunted mankind's imagination for centuries... experience pure terror! --Beautifully rendered graphics in a fully 3-D polygonal environment. --Photo-realistic, chilling graphics add to the already heart thumping storyline. --Match wits against the most terrifying creatures that ever walked the earth. --Control the fate of special tactics agent, Regina, as she searches for the missing Dr. Kirk.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Alternate costumes
Successfully complete the game once to unlock the Army and Battle costumes. Successfully complete the game a second time to unlock the Ancient costume.

Grenade gun
Successfully complete the game three times to view all endings. Then the grenade gun with infinite ammunition will be available at the start of the next game.

Operation: WipeOut mode
Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting in under five hours





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