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Elemental Gimmick Gear

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Elemental Gimmick Gear

Vatical Entertainment / 2000-01-01

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

While digging through the ancient ruins, archeologists found a sleeping man iside an egg-shaped machine. Though the scientist couldn't wake up the Sleeper, they were able to reproduce his machine which people started calling Elemental Gimmick Gear, or EGG. A wide variety of EGGs have been manufactured for civilian and military use.

One hundred years after discovery of the Sleeper, something goes terribly wrong, destroying the city and the people. The Sleeper awakes and leaves the laboratory. As the Sleeper, you try to save the city of Fogna and learn what went wrong.


  • A fully illustrated chaotic world was hand-drawn with stunning details!
  • 3D polygon fight with gigantic boss characters!
  • Attack your enemies with elemental power!
  • Encounter dangerous traps in the ancient ruins of Fogna!


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

eco spinner
beat lucky 100 times in a row.this is the coolist item in the allows you to spin forever without consuming health.

Enemy list
Locate the two computers near the first save location at the beginning of the game. Then, use the "Talk" command at this location to view a list of enemies and extra graphics from the game.

Bonus Artwork
At the first area where the game starts, there are two computers near the first save-game capsule. Use the talk buttom to see some art work and an enemy analysis list. Also, on the CD there is 4 BMP files, 2 page comic, and 2 posters.

Hitpoint Recovery
This only works if you are lower than 11 hit-points. If you are about to die and desperate to gain some energy, go to a staircase. Allow an enemy to hit you while you are on the staircase and you will recover up to 11 hit-points.





Elemental Gimmick Gear s0 Elemental Gimmick Gear s1 Elemental Gimmick Gear s2 Elemental Gimmick Gear s3

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