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Ubisoft / 1999-12-15

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

The first RPG for the Sega Dreamcast. Help Mag Launcher in his magical quest for Evolutia. Explore uncharted dungeons in search of precious artifacts. Battle colorfully animated bosses with creative special moves and mystical spells. Along the way the mysteries of ancient civilization and the CyFrame machinery unfold. Revolutionary 3D graphics and animation only possible on the Sega Dreamcast bring the RPG genre to the next generation. An intriguing story with hours of exploration, discovery and traditional Turn-Base/3D. Randomized dungeons, 360 degrees rotating cameras and precise game control. Determined to uncover the secrets of Evolutia, the 8th Empire has dispatched one of its most worthy generals and crown prince, Eugen Luitpold. Young adventurer, Mag Launcher along with the enigmatic Linear Cannon; family butler, Gre Nade; long-time rival, Chain Gun and the sexy Pepper Box, must race against time to find the secret of Evolutia before the 8th Empire. Filled with a 1930's Indiana Jones-style adventure and a hint of mecha, Evolution is an exploratory adventure. Like all adventurers, Mag carries his own Cyberframe, which is of the magic hand type, on his right arm. With its unique abilities, Mag casts magic spells, performs punch combo moves, grapples items and has many other abilities to explore dungeons and fight foes. Similar to traditional RPGs, the party purchases items and weapons in town to equip them for battle. A clever 360-degree camera helps locate approaching enemies in randomized dungeons, rather than hit and miss battle encounters. Engaging Full Motion Video (FMV) throughout the game helps deliver the story, while at the same time allows the player to control her/his actions and influence the story. Graphically brilliant, Evolution's plush towns, textured backgrounds and detailed characters demonstrate the crisp, clear graphics available on Sega Dreamcast.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Double attack
Attack a monster from behind to give your characters two attacks in a row

Bypass dialogue
Before a move is made during a battle, press B.

Alternate costumes
At the character selection screen, press X.






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