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Fur Fighters

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Fur Fighters

Acclaim / 2000-07-11


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Game Details

The Fur Fighters are an elite fighting force of stuffed animals on a mission to rescue their families from the evil General Viggo. The Fur Fighters must battle their way through Viggo's legions of Stupid Bears and solve diabolical puzzles to save their babies, rescue their mutated kin in six outrageous boss levels and snatch the planet from Viggo's clutches.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Defeat the indicated Boss to unlock the corresponding mini-game:

Boss Mini-game
ClaudeBalloon Lift
EsmereldaBear Attack
GwynthBlock Puzzle
JuanitaSnake Classic
ViggoBomber Bear
Winnie and MaiSuper Snake
Boss bonuses:
Defeat the indicated Boss a second time to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Thin mode:
Complete the Maze in Temple of Gloom to get very thin characters.

High scores:
Collect all 100 tokens in any level. Re-enter the level and collect the large stopwatch, then race to the finish. If you are quick enough, you will be allowed to make an entry on the high score screen.

Fight as Walter:
Successfully complete the Bear Attack mini-game to unlock Walter.

Hidden artwork:
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find graphics of the game's stages and characters in the "omake" directory that can be used as desktop wallpaper.



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