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Konami / 2000-10-31

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

In this third-person action-adventure game--which is based, in part, on the live-action film Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!--you play the role of the Mean One himself. Embark on a quest through 24 missions, from Whoville to an underwater world, and across four Seussian environments with three minigames and a bonus level. Players collect and assemble a variety of gadgets, such as the rotten-egg launcher, the slime shooter, bad breath, and the GrinchCopter. Players can transform into the Grinch's sidekick, Max the Dog, to explore areas that are inaccessible to the Mean One.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Spin 'n' Win mini-game:
Destroy 750 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to access the Spin 'n' Win mini-game.

Pankamania mini-game:
Destroy 1,500 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to access the Pankamania mini-game.

Copter Race Contest mini-game:
Destroy 2,500 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to access the Copter Race Contest mini-game.

Bike Race mini-game:
Destroy 3,000 gifts and complete 100% of the game. Look behind the bookcase in the workshop with the sleigh to access the Bike Race mini-game.


Reaching high places:
If you are having trouble getting to high places, look for a bar and press A. When you are swinging with Y, press A button to make The Grinch jump off the bar.
Information in this section was contributed by sc.wilson.

Extra presents:
Use the egg launcher to shoot the kids to make them drop their presents.

Slime the security guards to get a present.
Information in this section was contributed by Marshmellowmom.

Hidden present:
Look on top of the town's Christmas tree to find a hidden present.

Entering Town Hall:
Use the egg launcher to shoot the clock to get inside Town Hall.

Finding the blueprints:
Go to the bottom level of Town Hall and find the three rugs on the wall that appear differently than the others. Pull out the rugs to find the blueprints.





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