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Gunbird 2

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Gunbird 2

Capcom / 2000-11-17


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Game Details

If you long for an action-packed, old school, arcade-style 2D-shooter but don't know where to turn, then check out Gunbird 2 for the Dreamcast. In Capcom's Galaga-esque scrolling fighter, you play as one of five varied characters, like a schoolgirl, who turns her opponents into candy, a wizard, and everyone's favorite, a giant robot. Wave after wave of enemies fill the screen, blasting bullets your way in virtually non-stop mayhem. You'll have to use each fighter's normal and powerful close-up attacks if you want to survive the frantic combat and collect all the missing pieces of a prized secret potion. Clear your way through deviously difficult levels and come face to face with vicious boss characters as you marvel at spectacular 2D graphics in a top-down camera view that reveals the deadly playing fields and fighters based on a rich mixture of anime, pirates, Japanese fantasy, and Arabian mythology. Think you're up to the challenge of screens full of dangerous projectiles, hectic, fast and furious, bad guy-blasting action? If so, then Gunbird 2 is the game for you.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Play as Morrigan

At the character selection screen, highlight the question mark option and press Up.

Play as Ain
At the character selection screen, Highlight the question mark option and press Down.

Debug Mode
Power on the Dreamcast, then hold Start at the Sega logo. Keep Start held until a debug menu appears. This menu has options for stage selection, invincibility, infinite bombs, music test, and to hear the Japanese intros/endings cut from the US version. Note: If the memory manager screen appears, press Start and the debug menu will appear after it.





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