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NBA Hoopz

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NBA Hoopz

Midway / 2001-02-13

Sports / Sports - Basketball

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Game Details

NBA Hoopz is the only basketball video game featuring a dedicated 3-on-3 gameplay format this season. What is NBA Hoopz? It's the newest high-flying, on-fire, NBA licensed, arcade-style basketball game from Midway Sports Asylum.

The dedicated 3-on-3 format means that you can take flight with a lightning quick guard, pull up for the baseline jumper with a forward or just tear down the backboard with a thunderous slam from a center. NBA MVP Shaquille O'Neal brought his big-man moves to NBA Hoopz to add power to the non-stop, over-the-top action.

With NBA Hoopz the choice is yours ... dishin' the rock, takin' it to the rack or bringin' down the house! What's your game?


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Enter these codes on the versus screen. 
The numbers tell how many times press the TURBO, SHOOT and PASS buttons. 
Example, 3-4-3 means: 
Press TURBO 3 times. Press SHOOT 4 times. Press PASS 3 times. 

Infinite turbo 
3-1-2 Up 

Beach court 
0-2-3 Left  

Street court 
3-2-0 Left  

Play as Dr. Atomic 
5-4-4 Left  

Home uniform 
0-1-4 Right  

Away uniform 
0-2-4 Right  

ABA ball 
1-1-1 Right  

Granny shots 
1-2-1 Left  

Show shot % 
0-1-1 Down  

Show hotspot 
1-1-0 Down  

No goaltending 
4-4-4 Left  

Big heads 
3-0-0 Right  

Tiny heads 
3-3-0 Left  

Tiny players 
5-4-3 Left  

No fouls* 
2-2-2 Right  

No hotspots* 
3-0-1 Up  

* = Two player game only.






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