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NBA Showtime- NBA on NBC

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NBA Showtime- NBA on NBC

Midway / 1999-11-16

Sports / Sports - Basketball

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Game Details

Showing off the extreme attitude of the arcade smash hit NBA Jam, Midway's NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC brings intense two-on-two arcade-style hoops to the Dreamcast. The emphasis is on fanatical basketball, with gravity-defying dunks and over-the-top animations. The game lets you select from 140 actual superstars representing all 29 NBA teams. Throw in wacky unlockable players such as team mascots and characters from other Midway games, and NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC is a fun departure from the more down-to-earth basketball simulations.

Complementing the goofy gameplay is a feature-rich player editor, where you can customize everything from your created player's height, weight, and ability to clothing and facial features. With a TV-style presentation and impressive visuals, this is one hoops game that any arcade sports fan will enjoy. Simply put, if you liked NBA Jam, you'll love NBA Showtime. --Sajed Ahmed


  • Remarkable in-game graphics, and even more impressive replays
  • Detailed sideline commentary
  • 4-player simultaneous action makes it a great party game
  • Endorsed by Shaquille O'Neal--what more could you want?
  • 2-on-2 arcade basketball has been around forever
  • Shallow arcade play, without lasting depth or long-term playability

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

CODE FAQ - Version 1.1 
Nov. 21st 1999
by Joe Endy

This FAQ is meant to give you some of the hidden elements & 
players in NBA Showtime. As I find new items/codes, I will add 
them to this FAQ.

At Initials & PIN Number screen, enter the following to access 
hidden players:

Kerri 0220 / Kerri Hoskins
Kerri 1111 / Kerri Hoskins (Skimpy Outfit)
Oldman 2001 /Grandpa
Pinto 1966 / Brown Horse
Horse 1966 / White Horse
Turmel 0322 / Mark Turmel
Sal 0201 / Sal DiVita
Jason 3141 / Jason Skiles
Jenifr 3333 / Jennifer Hendrick
Daniel 0604 / Daniel Thompson
Japple 6660 / Jeff Johnson
Root 6000 / John Root
Lia 0712 / Lia Montelongo
Lia 1111 / Lia Montelongo (Skimpy Outfit)
Retro 1970 / Retro Rob
Hawk 0322 / Atlanta Hawks Mascot
Benny 0503 / Chicago Bulls Mascot
Hornet 1105 / Charlotte Hornets Mascot
Rocky 0201 / Denver Nuggets Mascot
Turbo 1111 / Houston Rockets Mascot
Boomer 0604 / Indiana Pacers Mascot
Crunch 0503 / Minnesota Timberwolves Mascot
Sly 6765 / New Jersey Nets Mascot
Gorila 0314 / Phoenix Suns Mascot
Sasqua 7785 / Seattle Sonics Mascot
Raptor 1020 / Toronto Raptors Mascot
Bear 1228 / Utah Jazz Mascot
Smalls 0856 / Alien 1
Biggy 0958 / Alien 2
Nikko 6666 / Dog
Crispy 2084 / Clown
Jacko 1031 / Pumpkin
Thewiz 1136 / Wizard
Theref 7777 / Referee
Gatson 1111 / Rob Gatson
Guido 6765 / Mark Guidarelli
E Geer 1105 / Eugene Geer
Matt G 1006 / Matt Gilmore
Timmyb 3314 / Tim Bryant
Gentil 1228 / Jim Gentile
Jonhey 8823 / Jon Hey
Eloff 2181 / Andy Eloff
Lynch 3333 / Mike Lynch
Paulo 0517 / Paulo Garcia
Grinch 0222 / Brian LeBaron
Lex 0014 / Alex Gilliam
Dimi 0619 / Jim Tianis
Dave 1104 / Dave Grossman
Timcrp 6666 / Tim Moran
Strat 2112 / Larry Wotman
Cmsvid 0000 / Chris Skundz
Bethan 1111 / Beth Smukowski
Stentr 0269 / Paul Martin
Liptak 0114 / Shawn Liptak
Thomas 1111 / Isiah Thomas
Timk 7785 / Tim Kitzrow
Wil 0101 / Willy Morris
Cutler 1111 / Greg Cutler
Chad 0628 / Chad Edmunds


Enter the following button & D-Pad commands at "Tonight's Match-Up"

*NOTE! The default settings are as follows:
1st Number = Turbo , 2nd Number = Shoot , 3rd Number = Pass

0-0-1-Down / Show Shot %
1-1-1-Down / Tournament Mode (No PowerUps)
1-0-0-Down / Show Hotspot
2-0-1-Up / No Hotspots (Both teams must agree)
1-2-3-Up / Fog On (Outdoor Courts Only)
1-2-3-Down / Thick Fog On (Outdoor Courts Only)
1-2-3-Right / Swamp Fog On (Outdoor Courts Only)
1-2-3-Left / Night Fog On (Outdoor Courts Only)
1-2-1-Left / Snow On (Outdoor Courts Only)
1-3-1-Left / Blizzard On (Outdoor Courts Only)
1-4-1-Left / Rain On (Outdoor Courts Only)
2-0-0-Right / Big Head Mode
3-3-1-Left / No Replays
4-0-0-Right / Team Uniform (Both teams must agree)
4-0-1-Right / Midway Uniform
4-1-0-Right / Home Uniform
4-2-0-Right / Away Uniform
4-3-0-Right / Alternate Uniform
4-4-4-Up / No Tip Off


To play on the hidden courts, hold the following buttons immediately
after selecting your players at the "Choose Team" screen.

Team 1 (Left) - Hold UP + TURBO
Team 2 (Right) - Hold DOWN + TURBO
Street Court - Hold LEFT + TURBO
Island Court - Hold RIGHT +  TURBO
Midway Court - Hold UP + SHOOT + PASS
NBC Court - Hold DOWN + SHOOT + PASS


To use any player on any team you must go to the Initials & PIN Numbers
screen & enter the first 3 letters of the team the player is on, then
enter his shirt number.

*EXAMPLE- If you want to play as Scottie Pippen on any team, 
enter "HOU", the first 3 letters in Houston. Next go to the 
PIN Number screen & enter 33. His Jersey number. Now when you 
pick a team that player will be on the team you picked!


When creating a player, move the  D-Pad "UP" or "DOWN" to access 
new outfits etc. This will work with the female uniforms & the 
horse heads!


I hope this FAQ helps you with this KOOL game. It is a lot of fun to

play & the hidden players & codes make it even more enjoyable!
If anyone would like to contribute to this FAQ, I will give you credit.
Just drop me an e-mail.
Lastly I would thank my girl Jenn for her support! Thanks babe! : )

Thanks & Take Care, 

Joe Endy





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