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Sega / 2002-02-11

Sports / Sports - Hockey

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NHL 2K2 for Dreamcast features all-new gameplay modes, a revamped graphics engine, and an improved player and team AI. You will have tighter and more detailed control than ever before: control whether you use your finesse skater to avoid the crushing checks of the defense or bring in your own intimidating checking line to loosen up the opposition. Shadow the other team's best player with your defensive specialist and protect your star with your enforcer. Fight along the boards to dig out the puck or fight against the other team's enforcer man-to-man. Use franchise mode to take a struggling team to the Stanley Cup finals by building up slowly through the draft or choose to win right away through crafty trades and free-agent signings. International teams allow you to have your own tournament to see which country rules the hockey roost.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Misspelled names:
The names of players not in the NHL that are on international teams are misspelled. For example, go to "Roster" and select "Finland". "Antti Eeltu" should be "Antti Aalto". It is possible that Sega did not have a license from the other leagues or the Olympics to use their real names. Note: Only vowels are changed.

Easy goals:
Pass the puck to a fast shooter and check which hand he is using. If he is right-handed, go to the right side of the rink and vice versa. Then, go around the net and immediately when you get to the edge of the post quickly tap X. If done correctly, the puck should go straight through the goalie's legs almost every time. Note: This may take some practice. Also, it is more difficult to perform at the higher skill level.

Play against Carolina with Irbe in net or create a bad goaltender and it will be easy to score on him from far away.

Best fighters:
The best fighters are Rob Ray of the Buffalo Sabres and Zdeno Chara of the Senators.

Better celebrations:
Go to overtime with a team and score a goal. The celebrations are different then the original ones. Also, the more overtime periods you play, the better the celebrations get.

Go through the boards:
When a team is making a line change, go along the boards by the opponents bench. If a player attempts to hit you and misses, this player may go right through the boards and into the bench. The player also can get out of the bench without climbing over, and will go through the boards again. The same thing can happen with your players.





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