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Ooga Booga

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Ooga Booga

Sega / 2001-09-13


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Game Details

Ooga Booga is an island battle game in a class by itself--think Gilligan's Island but with four witch doctors and a volcano goddess named Ooga Booga in lieu of the castaways.
Don't be fooled by Ooga Booga's tiki lounge kitsch; this game will test your talents. You play as one of the kahunas, or witch doctors--Fatty, Twitchy, Hotty, and Hoodoo (yes, those are their names)--and lead your own tribe. Your goal is to gain the most points and win Ooga Booga's favor, thus avoiding her wrath. You do this by unceremoniously pummeling and outmaneuvering your opponents. Play is timed, so you've got to be fast.

It's doubtful you could find a more exotic cache of weapons than those offered by Ooga Booga. Your arsenal includes shrunken heads, native animals, magic spells, and canon-shooting tiki idols. Action takes place on four island maps. You can play with up to four players, and there are a variety of first-person shooter contests, including capture the flag, king of the hill, tiki wars, and various deathmatches. Using the game's Smackdown and Soccer modes, you can vary gameplay.

What promises to be one of Ooga Booga's coolest features is its online multiplayer game. Using the Dreamcast modem, you can go totally tribal and form your own clan, create competitions, and, as you win, unlock special spells and masks, thus increasing your tribe's ranking.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Mine spell 
Enter KABOOM as a code to unlock the mine spell. 

Control victory stance 
At the victory or game ranking screen, press 
A, B, X, or Y if you are the winner of the round and leader 
of the match to control your victory stance.





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