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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Manipulate the Victory Camera
When you get a victory, you can manipulate the camera 
using the following: 

A: zooms in when pressed, zooms out when released. This 
can be activated at any victory screen. 

X,Y,B - same as A, but only activated after A is pressed. 
Digital Pad & Analog Joystick: rotate the camera around 
the victor. 

To get other secrets in this game,beat the game with any 
character.Beating the game once with any character, opens 
ONE extra option in the "The World of Power Stone" book 
(located above the "Arcade" option at the main screen) 
and the first time you beat the game, you'll also get 
the "Extra Options" option. To get 2 of the secret options, 
download the 3 games downloadable at the "WoPS" book. Earn 
at least 2000 coins in any of the games and you'll be treated 
to a music option and an art book option with exclusive 
preproduction art work. 

Play as the Bosses 
To play as the Bosses of this game, beat the game with each 
character once. Also, note that beating the game with any 
character opens up one extra option in 
"The World of Power Stone" book. 

Play as the Final Boss 
Beat the game without using a continue, on any difficulty 
level. Now, go into the Collection Menu and go to the 12th 
page. You will see a picture of the final boss. You can only 
use him in VS mode, and only one person can choose him per 


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