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Red Dog- Superior Fire Power

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Red Dog- Superior Fire Power

Crave / 2000-10-31


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Game Details

The agreement between the Earth Council and the Haak Delegates came about, not through political or military means, but by financial measures. Three years after their mother-ship first orbited the earth the Haak were invited to the surface in peace and in the search for mutual rewards.

This agreement has been upheld for 7 years with only the occasional backlash causing small localised human / Haak conflict but the Haak have kept up their end of the bargain - until now!

We have started to lose contact with the human installations around the Haak settlements. The first three recon. forces sent to investigate the disturbances were shot out of the air. The Red Dog Tactical Response Team is now preparing for war.

As commander of the Red Dog assault vehicle, your job is to rid our people of the now aggressive Haak forces currently occupying the continents of planet earth.

Good Luck - Donít dent the tank!

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Extra multi-player Maps
Get an "A" grade on single player missions to unlock additional multi-player maps.

Drive Or Die Expert multi-player level
At the level selection screen, highlight the multi-player Drive Or Die Expert level, then hold L + R for about three seconds to unlock the level.

Helter Skelter multi-player level
Play 20 or more multi-player games in one sitting to unlock the Helter Skelter multi-player level. When this is done, force the game to save by changing your options or weapons configuration in single player mode to make this level always available.

Successfully complete the challenge games to get bonus items such as a starting drone with 9999 bullets, etc.

Hidden Artwork
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find artwork from the game.






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