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Soul Calibur

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Soul Calibur

Namco / 1999-09-10


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Featuring graphics that surpass even the amazing NFL 2K, Soul Calibur is the martial arts fighting game to end all fighting games and the game to get if you're a Dreamcast owner. Based on the arcade classic of the same name, Soul Calibur lets you choose to represent one of 10 fighters in a series of battles against your peers. If you can successfully defeat all of your opponents, you will then face the fiendish Inferno in a final showdown that will determine the fate of the world. Each of the game's warriors is armed with a different deadly weapon--sword, ax, stave, nunchaku, you name it--and an assortment of special moves all tailored to that specific weapon. The warriors include men, women, and creatures from all over the globe and from various mythologies. Each is brought to life with amazing motion-capture animation, which results in incredibly lifelike and realistic duels. If you own a Dreamcast or are thinking of buying one, do yourself a favor and add Soul Calibur to your collection.

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2004-09-09 00:00:00

If you unlocked xanghfaih and her third costume then go to options and change difficulty to "easy" then instead of 2 rounds change it to 1 round.Next complete the game with her in her third costume and you'll unlock inferno.

Xean Liang

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Bonus characters and stages 
Successfully complete the game with each of the standard 
characters to unlock a new character or stage.

Play as Edge Master  
Successfully complete the game with all standard and 
bonus characters.

Arcade mode  
Successfully complete the game, including the bonus stages, 
with every character.

Mission battle bonuses  
Successfully complete all the missions to unlock the hidden 
art in the museum and a third costume for Sophitia, Voldo, 
Siegfried, Maxi, and Xianghua by pressing Y + A while selecting 
one of those characters. Completing all mission battles will 
unlock various museum options such as exhibition theater, 
opening direction (change the introduction), and character 
profiles. Additionally, an "Extra Survival" mode will also 
be unlocked at the main screen.

Transparent characters  
Unlock Edge Master. Then at the character selection screen, 
hold R while selecting a character.

Extra weapons  
Unlock Edge Master and successfully complete all mission battles. 
Then at the character selection screen, hold L while selecting a 
character for extra weapons.

Alternate costumes  
At the character selection screen, press Y to alternate all 
characters costumes. Press Y again to change all characters 
costumes back to their original.






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