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Speed Devils

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Speed Devils

Ubisoft / 2000-12-13

Sports / Sports - Racing

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Game Details

Building on the predecessor's idea that a good race is as much about your foe's personality as it is about his car, Speed Devils Online Racingallows you to race against, well, real foes over the SegaNet. Choose from among11 original and 11 new vehicles, create online personas with customizablecatch phrases (or silently let your wheels do the talking), and race forpick slips.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

All cars and tracks 
While playing a game press 
B, Right, B, Right, Up, B, Up. 

Infinite nitros 
While playing a game press 
Down, Up, Down, Up, A, X, A.

Skip current class 
While playing a game press 
Down, Right, Down, Right, A, X, A.

Extra money 
While playing a game press 
A, Right, A, Right, Up, B, A. 

Infinite money 
While playing a game, press 
B, A, B, B, A, Down, Right, Left.

Full pause screen 
Pause the game and press 
X + Y.






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