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Wild Metal

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Wild Metal

Take2 Interactive / 2000-02-01


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Game Details

In your role as an intergalactic bounty hunter, you have been employed to attempt to locate and capture the elusive power cores and disrupt the machines in the Tehric System. Armed with your wits and an array of futuristic weaponry (not to mention the support helicopters) this is a mission you cannot afford to fail.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Level skip 
While playing a game, press 
Up, Right, B, Y, Down, Left.

While playing a game, press 
Y, Right, B, Left, X, Down.

Full health 
While playing a game, press 
Down, Down, A, X, B, X.

All weapons 
While playing a game, press 
A, A, Right, Y, A, Right.

Speed boost 
While playing a game, press 
Up, X, Down, B, A, Y.

Reveal all token locations 
While playing a game, press 
Y, B, A, Left, Down(2).

Friendly AI units 
While playing a game, press 
B, Down, A, Down, X, Y.






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